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Rust Repairs

Rust is a common problem in both old and new cars, and they’re considered to be the “silent killers” in the auto industry. Rust is a sign that the steel or metal structure of the car has weakened, and it spreads quite fast. Not only does rust make your car look ugly, but it also makes your vehicle unsafe for the road. If you notice the first sign of rust on your car, you should take it in for rust repairs immediately.

If you have a rusty car that’s just sitting in your shed, we at Bridge Road Body Works can help you restore it to its original shape so you can take it back on the road.

What We Offer

Some of the rust repair services we offer include:

  • Rust repairs (major and minor)
  • Replacement of metal sections
  • Custom car metalwork
  • Custom fabricated metals
  • Rust repairs and maintenance advice

Depending on the extent of the rust, we will sometimes cut out the rusty section of the car, before replacing it with a clean sheet of metal. Rest assured that we will smooth out the new welds and spray paint it to match the rest of your car.

Rust Repairs Process



Sanding is the process of grinding away all of the rust on the surface to ensure that corrosion in that area doesn’t continue. We will also sand the surrounding areas to get rid of virtually every patch of rust.


Rust Treatment

Areas that have been rusted before are at greater risk of rusting again. To prevent this from happening, we apply a rust treatment to help seal off the area, blocking any moisture from seeping in.



Cut our affected areas & weld in new panels to ensure rust is completely removed. The filler is then applied to the panel to adhere to the surface of the car. Filler also helps create a smooth surface that can be painted over later.



Once the area is completely smooth, we will apply a fresh coat of paint, making your car look brand new.

Why Choose Us

At Bridge Road Body Works, we have years of experience in rust repairs, allowing us to help you remove and rust from your vehicle. Rust must be removed immediately, or else it will continue to spread. We offer automotive services for vintage and classic cars in Australia. From basic servicing to complete restorations, Bridge Road Body Works can help your car become rust-free. We also offer rust protection, which involves treating the inside of your chassis so that you never have to worry about rust again.

Talk to us today -- our team of car technicians in Melbourne can restore your car in no time.