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Spray Painting

Even the tiniest scratch can ruin the look of your vehicle. At Bridge Road Body Works, we utilise the best products & technology the industry has to offer to professionally spray paint your vehicle. Our spraying booths are completely dust free allowing us to give every project a flawless and smooth finish.

Whether you want to hide scratches, dents, rust marks, or to completely change the colour of your car, we can make your car look brand new in no time. We cater to all vehicle models, ranging from stylish vintage cars to luxury SUVs, and offer competitive rates according to the size and type of vehicle.

What We Offer

Bridge Road Body Works has a team of expert spray painters who specialize in car re-painting. Our spray booth is fully equipped with the latest equipment and high-quality paints, allowing us to give every vehicle the perfect finish.

Our spray painting services include:

  • Bumper scratching and scuffs
  • Car paint touch-ups
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Accident recovery
  • Bodywork scratches
  • Colour matching and application
  • Oxidation
  • Bodykits and spoilers
  • Refurbishment of alloy wheels

Our Process



Preparing your car by fixing exposed elements, like chips, cracks, scratches and peeling, can save you from a botched paint job. If left untreated, these will just show up underneath your car’s new coat.



Before spray painting cars, they must be rubbed back to prepare the surface to ensure an even paint job. You will get a much better finish if the vehicle is prepared correctly. We offer our expertise in refinishing your vehicle up our excellent standards.



Primer acts as a protective barrier between the car’s metal surface and the paint. We use a quality primer that can smooth out any imperfections on the metal, and allows colour to adhere much better.



At Bridge Road Body Works we use the highest quality products ensuring your vehicles finish will have the best depth, shine and durability.

Why Choose Us

At Bridge Road Body Works, we ensure that every car that enters our shop is repaired to the highest standard, using the best tools and expertise, so that it can be returned to its owner looking its absolute best. Our team of dedicated workers have years of experience in spray painting cars. Rest assured that your vehicle will look good as new, even if it has experienced the worst damage from collisions or accidents.

If your car needs serious repairs, or if you just need a freshen up, trust us to give your car the smoothest full body spray painting it has ever had.