Why Is It Crucial To Repair Your Bumpers Promptly?

While bumper damage may be common and sometimes seemingly insignificant we often get asked “Why is it crucial to repair your bumpers promptly?”. That’s a really good question and one that deserves a comprehensive answer.

Here are a few good reasons why you should get any bumper damage repaired as quickly as possible.

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A Damaged Bumper Can’t Provide The Necessary Protection

Both your front and rear bumpers are designed to provide protection upon impact. Generally, your bumpers will absorb the brunt of the impact and protect the rest of your vehicle from more extensive damage.

Your Bumper Might Be Hiding More Extensive Damage

As your bumper is designed to absorb the impact and it might look like any damage suffered is not that bad, your vehicle could have suffered other damage that your bumper is hiding. So, when you organise a bumper repair, your vehicle can be inspected.

A Damaged Bumper May Void Your Insurance

Many insurance policies stipulate that you should have your vehicle checked after a collision, even if the damage seems only minor. As you already spend a lot of money to insure your car, it would be devastating to find out that your insurance is void due to a damaged bumper that hasn’t been checked and repaired.

Any Further Collisions Could Cause More Damage Than Necessary

Because a damaged bumper does not provide the necessary protection, you might find that any further collisions that you’re involved in will cause much more damage than necessary.

A Damaged Bumper May Make Your Car Unroadworthy

Depending on the extent of the damage to your bumper, if you get pulled over by the police for any reason, they may deem your car as unroadworthy because of your damaged bumper.

Any Scratch Or Dent In Your Bumper Could Cause Rust Or Corrosion

If the paint on your bumper has been compromised by a scratch or dent, this could cause the underlying metal to rust or corrode. The paint on your bumper acts as a protective layer and needs to be repaired quickly.

A Damaged Bumper Can Detract From Your Vehicle’s Overall Appearance

While you might not be that bothered by a small dent or scratch on your bumper, it does make it look like your car is neglected and not well-looked after.

Contact Bridge Road Body Works For Any Bumper Repairs

As your local panel beater in Richmond, our technicians have years of experience in bumper repairs as well as any other type of car scratch repair. We can quickly and easily repair any damage to your bumper and bring your vehicle back to its original condition. So, why not call us today so that we can help?

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