The Beginning Of Bridge Road Body Works

The Beginning

From a humble beginning, the small venture started by Sam in 1975 turned into one of the most trusted local Richmond panel beaters. The prominent Richmond location was the key to success. It’s been over 40 years of successful customer relations and satisfaction. 

Times may have changed, but the trust Sam has built is still there. Sam’s son Paul took over the business 25 years ago, garnering new loyal customers along the way. The business is touching the heights of success, and with time it has evolved. From new technology to current trends and mechanics, we have it all. Our latest paint techniques can take up any job you throw at us and get you the best results. 

Our Values

Our mission is all about delivering value to the customers. To satisfy them and build long-lasting relationships. We provide high-quality repairs along with high-quality and unmatched service. We believe in quality over quantity. 

We specialize in Not At Fault Claims. We have stayed this long in business because we walk our clients through the whole process. This keeps everything transparent and builds the client’s trust in our honest practice. We provide our customers quality services like accident replacement vehicles, access to legal advice, and ensuring the customer gets 100% satisfaction.

Current Services

Our services include the following

  1. Panel Beating
  2. Not At Fault Claims
  3. Spray Painting
  4. Minor Dent Scratches
  5. Paintless Dent Repair
  6. Paint Correction
  7. Auto Car Restoration
  8. Towing
  9. Insurance Claims
  10. Fleet Service

Rest assured, our services and customer care remain unmatched. 

Why Choose Us

When looking for expert services, we are what you need. There are many reasons to choose us. The first and foremost is that our quality service speaks for itself. Secondly, we have over 40 years of experience in repairs and restorations.

The fact that we offer a lifetime Warranty applauds our service and customer satisfaction. Moreover, we use genuine body parts and repair equipment so that you get your products back as good as new. Our services range from panel beater Richmond, smash repairs richmond to not at fault claims in richmond, we are what you need to get a quality job done. 

We are experts in insurance claims. Our team is quick at getting you the claim you have placed with solid advice. 

Our experts are ready to assist you with all your Panel Beating requirements such as spray painting, dent repairs, hail damage, not at  fault claims to bumper repairs.

 Request a quote online or give us a call!

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