How We Build Estimates On Repairs When Calculating A Car Smash Repair Quote?

When you’re looking for a car smash repair quote, you might be wondering how we build estimates. Our estimates are based on a variety of different factors that we need to take into account before coming up with the final cost or quote for repairing your vehicle.

The aim of any panel beater is to restore your car to its original condition before it was damaged in an accident. This could include replacing damaged parts, repairing dents and scratching and even a total respray of some panels.

Here’s a breakdown of the various elements that make up a final car smash repair quote.

1. Removal & Re-fit

This part of the estimate includes all the items that need to be taken off the vehicle and then replaced, whether these are parts that can be repaired or have to be replaced with new parts. 

Removing parts from your vehicle takes expertise and knowledge to ensure that they’re removed correctly and without causing any further damage.

2. Repair

This section of the estimate includes the cost of repairing the parts of the vehicle that have been damaged. This is the actual panel beating work that needs to be completed and can include things like dents and scratches on the panels.

This part of the estimate will involve estimating how long each repair will take to complete. For example, a single dent in a panel could cost between $60 to $100 while a deep scratch could cost between $150 to $300 to repair.

3. Paint

This section will outline the cost of the materials that will be needed to repaint damaged areas. Paint materials will usually involve a number of different coats to ensure that the final repair matches the rest of the vehicle. 

4. Labour

The labour component factors in the amount of time it will take to complete the repair by a specialised panel beater. Labour rates can vary but as a general guide, you could expect these to come in at under $100 per hour.

5. Parts

This section of the estimate will cover all the parts that need to be replaced. Common parts that are often replaced on a car smash repair include:

  • Bumper bars
  • Head and tail lights
  • The bonnet
  • Windscreen

Costs for replacement parts can vary greatly depending on the make and model of the vehicle. 

Here’s an example of the breakdown costs of a Front Bumper Bar Replacement:

  • Removal and Re-fit – $150 to $300
  • Paint – $400 to $500
  • Part – could be as low as $250 or as high as $3000 for a luxury vehicle

In Summary

This is the basic structure of a car smash repair quote and details how the final cost will be calculated. However, there can be many variables for each component of the estimate which makes individual quotes quite different from each other.

Factors that can affect the total quote include things like the make and model of the vehicle, the type of damage and even your location.

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