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Choice Of Repairer

Did you invest in a comprehensive car insurance policy while purchasing your precious car? If your car has been damaged, then the protection that the insurance policy offers extends beyond lessening the financial fallout. When it comes to initiating the repairs process, your policy would contain a clause that outlines the options ‘preferred repairer’ and ‘choice or repairer’.  

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Insurance companies reduce their overheads by pushing through repairs. However, you have the power to choose a repair that would work for you and not for the insurer. You need to make sure that your policy allows you to do so. 

You are in luck if you can choose the repairer. Our expert panel beaters use genuine parts and put them together as per the highest standards. We rely on cutting-edge technology to restore your car to its original condition before the crash.  

Why Choose Us?

We have a quick and easy process to assist our customers to navigate through the entire process.
Quick Easy Process

We have a quick and easy process to assist our customers to navigate through the entire process.


    Contact our service team & they will walk you through the process


    Drop your vehicle at our workshop. We can tow it if it’s not in good shape


    We will get to work immediately after a thorough assessment


    Your vehicle is restored to pre-accident condition. You can pick it or request doorstep delivery


Here are some commonly asked questions about the choice of repairer.

The preferred repairer is not the same as the choice of repairer. Whenever you purchase an insurance policy to have your car covered for repairs, the insurers will provide you with two options. Either you can choose a repairer of your choice or go with the one they have already chosen.
The insurance company would have signed an agreement with the panel beater company where they guarantee them a workflow in return for a reduced cost in repairs. With dedicated time to service and reduced cost, it makes it difficult for the repairer to complete their work appropriately. This can result in poor workmanship and no one actually benefits apart from the insurance provider.
When you choose a car insurance policy, you need to make sure that you have the option to choose your repairer. Without this, there is no real benefit in opting for car insurance. Insurance policies provide a range of policies and offers that could be confusing to people. Make sure to read the details before signing the policy else you could be at loss.
Yes. Once we have fixed and restored the damaged parts, our expert detailing team will clean your vehicle inside out so that it looks as good as new.
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